Hermes bag price list 2016

Check out the Hermes price list for popular models such as Birkin, Kelly in 2016 below. Last updated August 2016

ModelColor / StylePriceCurrency
Hermes 25 BirkinSwift5360GBP
Hermes 25 BirkinEpsom6000EUR
Hermes 25 BirkinTogo/Swift5900EUR
Hermes 25 BirkinEpsom9250USD
Hermes 25 BirkinSwift6150EUR
Hermes 25 BirkinClemence9400USD
Hermes 25 BirkinTogo9400USD
Hermes 25 BirkinTogo5310GBP
Hermes 25 Birkiniloticus Himalaya32800EUR
Hermes 30 BirkinTogo7000EUR
Hermes 30 BirkinTogo10900USD
Hermes 30 BirkinEpsom6950EUR
Hermes 30 BirkinTogo6170GBP
Hermes 30 BirkinTogo6100GBP
Hermes 30 BirkinTogo6750EUR
Hermes 30 BirkinTogo84300HKD
Hermes 30 BirkinTogo11340CAD
Hermes 30 BirkinGhillies Togo / Swift7900EUR
Hermes 30 BirkinClemence10900USD
Hermes 30 BirkinCroco Porosus Lisse42350CHF
Hermes 30 BirkinClemence1260000JPY
Hermes 30 BirkinTogo10800USD
Hermes 30 BirkinClemence84500HKD
Hermes 30 BirkinChevre11300USD
Hermes 30 BirkinEpsom6700EUR
Hermes 30 BirkinTogo1260000YEN
Hermes 30 BirkinGator44500USD
Hermes 30 BirkinTogo10900USD
Hermes 30 BirkinEpsom85200HKD
Hermes 30 BirkinClemence7000EUR
Hermes 30 BirkinGhillies Togo / Swift12350USD
Hermes 30 BirkinClemence15400SGD
Hermes 30 BirkinOstrich13000EUR
Hermes 30 BirkinEpsom10800USD
Hermes 30 BirkinTogo16400SGD
Hermes 30 BirkinClemence14160AUD
Hermes 30 BirkinBlack box7400EUR
Hermes 35 BirkinTogo7800EUR
Hermes 35 BirkinEpsom7550EUR
Hermes 35 BirkinTogo6750GBP
Hermes 35 BirkinTogo14900AUD
Hermes 35 BirkinGillies Togo / Swift13500USD
Hermes 35 BirkinTogo12435CAD
Hermes 35 BirkinTogo15680AUD
Hermes 35 BirkinTogo7400EUR
Hermes 35 BirkinClemence11900USD
Hermes 35 BirkinTogo6780GBP
Hermes 35 BirkinClemence7750EUR
Hermes 35 BirkinClemence8450EUR
Hermes 35 BirkinEpsom11310000YEN
Hermes 35 BirkinSwift Ghilles8450EUR
Hermes 35 BirkinClemence11340000Yen
Hermes 35 BirkinFjord11900USD
Hermes 35 BirkinTogo7750EUR
Hermes 35 BirkinEpsom7250EUR
Hermes 35 BirkinTogo1400000Yen
Hermes 35 BirkinBarenia Flag98200MOP
Hermes 40 BirkinClemence7360GBP
Hermes 40 BirkinTogo13200USD
Hermes 40 BirkinEpsom12900USD
Hermes 40 BirkinClemence13200USD
Hermes 40 BirkinClemence17500SGD
Hermes 50 BirkinToile9850EUR
25 KellySellier shiny nilo29700USD
25 KellyTogo5950GBP
25 KellySwift8500USD
25 KellyTogo8400USD
25 KellySellier Epsom6650GBP
25 KellySellier Epsom1140000YEN
28 KellyRetourne6800EUR
28 KellyTogo7750CHF
28 KellySellier Epsom10400USD
28 KellyClemence6600GBP
28 KellySellier Contour Epsom6950EUR
28 KellyClemence9900USD
28 KellyTogo1140000YEN
28 KellyTogo10065CAD
28 KellySellier Epsom6050GBP
28 KellyTogo9900USD
28 KellyClemence5750GBP
28 KellyTogo6450EUR
28 KellyTogo37290AED
28 KellySellier Epsom10400USD
32 KellyTogo10400USD
32 KellyTogo6800EUR
32 KellyTogo15700SGD
32 KellyClemence6220GBP
32 KellyClemence10400USD
32 KellyClemence14700SGD
32 KellyClemence326200NTD
32 KellySwift7700EUR
32 KellySwift11800USD
32 KellyCrocodile Niloticus Himalaya37400EUR
32 KellyCroc24200EUR
32 KellyEpsom7300EUR
35 KellyClemence7000EUR
35 KellyGrizzly/Swift Ghilles7650EUR
35 KellyTogo7000EUR
40 KellyTogo8200EUR
40 KellyGainé Sellier11300EUR
Hermes Kelly CutEpsom3300EUR
Hermes Kelly CutCrocodile12700EUR
Hermes Kelly CutPorosus15900EUR
Herbag Zip PM1630EUR
Herbag Zip PM1490GBP
Herbag Zip PM2480USD
Herbag Zip PM3225AUD
Herbag Zip MM1770EUR
Herbag Zip MM1620GBP
Herbag Zip MM1530EUR
Kelly Danse BagSwift3272USD
Mini Berline BagSwift dual color4600EUR
Mini Berline BagSwift dual color4210GBP
Mini Berline BagSwift/Evercolor4030GBP
Mini Berline BagEvercolor4400EUR
Medium Berline BagSwift4710GBP
Medium Berline BagSwift5150EUR
Medium Berline BagSwift dual colour4850GBP
Medium Berline BagSwift dual colour5300EUR
Kelly PochetteBlack Box Guilloche3700EUR
Kelly Pochettegator matte10200EUR
Kelly PochetteEpsom 3250EUR
Kelly PochetteGrain d’H/swift40900HKD
Hermes Kelly Longue WalletEpsom2320EUR
Hermes Kelly Longue WalletEpsom2120GBP
Hermes Kelly Longue WalletChèvre2250EUR
Hermes Kelly Longue WalletChèvre3550USD
Hermes Kelly Longue WalletChèvre2230GBP
HAC 40Togo13400USD
HAC 40Togo8050EUR
HAC 40Togo93500RMB
Hermes Jige PM ClutchSwift1680EUR
Hermes Jige GM ClutchElan Swift2300EUR
Hermes Jige GM ClutchCz Krone6400CZK
Hermes Jige GM ClutchElan Epsom3780USD
Hermes Egee clutchTadelakt525000JPY
Hermes Medor ClutchNilo/Lizard13200EUR
Hermes Medor ClutchTadelakt3250EUR
Hermes Medor ClutchTadelakt5300USD
Hermes Faco Clutch BagClemence4050EUR
Hermes Faco Clutch BagChevre4050EUR
Lindy 26Clemence6950USD
Lindy 26Clemence5000EUR
Lindy 30Clemence9890AUD
Lindy 30Clemence4570GBP
Lindy 30Clemence5000EUR
Lindy 30Evercolor4620GBP
Lindy 30Evercolor5050EUR
Lindy 30Swift11500SGD
Lindy 30Swift5350EUR
Lindy 34Clemence5300EUR
Lindy 34Clemence4850GBP
Lindy 34Clemence10485AUD
Hermes Jypsiere 28Clemence10785AUD
Hermes Jypsiere 28Clemence4980GBP
Hermes Jypsiere 28Clemence5450EUR
Hermes Jypsiere 28Clemence11135AUD
Hermes Jypsiere 319350USD
Hermes Jypsiere 31Clemence6000EUR
Hermes Jypsiere 31Clemence11870AUD
Hermes Jypsiere 349750USD
SO kelly 227250USD
SO kelly 224650EUR
SO kelly 26Togo4600EUR
SO kelly 26Togo7780CAD
Massai cut 32Taupe Swift Calfskin3725USD
Massai cut 40Taupe Swift Calfskin4375USD
Massai cut 40Taupe Swift Calfskin3160EUR
Hermes Bolide 27Epsom3850EUR
Hermes Bolide 27Clemence 4730GBP
Hermes Bolide 27Clemence 7300USD
Hermes Bolide 31Clemence5350EUR
Hermes Bolide 31Clemence4760GBP
Hermes Bolide 35Clemence5495EUR
Hermes Bolide 35Clemence63600HKD
Hermes Bolide 35Sikkim4050EUR
Hermes Bolide 4010000JPY
Hermes bolide 45Sikkam7000USD
Constance ElanEpsom8677USD
Constance ElanEpsom5110GBP
Hermes Constance 18Alligator25200USD
Hermes Constance 18Epsom7250USD
Hermes Constance 18Swift7650USD
Hermes Constance 24Epsom9050USD
Hermes Constance 24Epsom8250CHF
Hermes Constance 24Epsom10885AUD
Hermes Constance 24Sombrero6150GBP
Hermes Constance 24Swift6100GBP
Hermes Constance 24Swift319000NTD
Constance WalletEpsom3000GBP
Constance WalletEpsom4025USD
Hermes Atlas BagClemence6900USD
Hermes Atlas BagTogo3800EUR
Hermes Toolbox 20Niloticus Crocodile30465AUD
Hermes Toolbox 20Swift7000USD
Hermes Toolbox 20Swift4900EUR
Hermes Toolbox 26Swift5550EUR
Hermes Toolbox 26Swift5080GBP
Hermes Toolbox 26Swift8650USD
Hermes Toolbox 33Swift6700EUR
Hermes Double Sens 36Sikkim2250GBP
Hermes Double Sens 36Sikkim2460EUR
Hermes Double Sens 36Sikkim3825USD
Hermes Double Sens 45Clemence2850EUR
Hermes Double Sens 45Clemence4450USD
Hermes Double Sens 45Clemence5145AUD
Hermes Double Sens 45Swift2610GBP
Hermes Garden Party PMNegonda2250EUR
Hermes Garden Party PMNegonda2050GBP
Hermes Garden Party PMNegonda5200SGD
Hermes Garden Party PMVache Country3500USD
Hermes Garden Party GMNegonda2550EUR
Hermes Garden Party GMNegonda5400SGD
Hermes Garden Party GMNegonda2124EUR
Hermes Garden Party GMCDG Airport, Cotton Linen2150USD
Hermes Garden Party GMVache Country2360EUR
Hermes Garden Party GMVache Country2160GBP
Hermes Garden Party GMVache Country3825USD
Hermes Garden Party GMCotton Linen2150USD
Hermes Evelyne III TPMClemence1800USD
Hermes Evelyne III TPMClemence1060GBP
Hermes Evelyne III PMClemence2160EUR
Hermes Evelyne III PMClemence1980GBP
Hermes Evelyne III PMClemence3375USD
Hermes Evelyne III PMClemence5000SGD
Hermes Evelyne III PMEpsom2160EUR
Hermes Evelyne III PMEpsom3375USD
Hermes Evelyne III GMClemence2410EUR
Hermes Evelyne III GMClemence2210GBP
Hermes Evelyne III GMClemence3750USD
Hermes Evelyne III GMClemence5500SGD
Victoria II 35 cmClemence3300EUR
Victoria II 35 cmClemence3020GBP
Victoria II 35 cmClemence6530AUD
Hermes Sac A Depeche 417331USD
Hermes Sac A Depeche 411016280JPY
Hermes Sac RoulisSombrero5500EUR
Hermes Sac RoulisSombrero4570GBP
Hermes Sac RoulisSombrero7800USD
Hermes Sac RoulisEvercolor4900EUR
Hermes Sac RoulisEvercolor4480GBP
Hermes Sac RoulisSwift5500EUR
Caterina bagSilk5850USD
Caterina bagSwift5550USD
Caterina bagSwift3370EUR
Hermes Picotin Lock TPMClemence2675USD
Hermes Picotin Lock TPMClemence1560GBP
Hermes Picotin Lock PM (18 cm)Clemence2675USD
Hermes Picotin Lock PM (18 cm)Clemence1650EUR
Hermes Picotin Lock PM (18 cm)Clemence2675CAD
Hermes Picotin Lock MM (22 cm)2575USD
Hermes Picotin Lock MM (22 cm)1890EUR
Hermes Picotin Lock GM (26 cm)Clemence3500CAD
Hermes Picotin Lock GM (26 cm)Clemence3275USD
Hermes Picotin Lock GM (26 cm)Clemence2250EUR
Hermes Picotine Lock TGM (31 cm)2600EUR
Hermes Picotine Lock TGM (31 cm)3400CHF
Hermes Cabag Bag1725USD
Hermes Cabag Bag1100EUR
Hermes Cabag Bag1010GBP
Steeple ToteCanvas3475USD
Hermes Maxi Box Bag 29Evercolor6000EUR
Hermes Maxi Box Bag 37Evercolor6400EUR
Hermes Maxi Box Bag 37Evercolor5850GBP
Hermes Oxer BagEvercolor10600USD
Hermes Oxer BagEvercolor6400EUR
Hermes Passe Passe Tote Bag444960JPY
Hermes Halzan BagClemence/Swift5480USD
Hermes Halzan BagClemence/Swift3600EUR
Hermes Halzan BagClemence/Swift7400SGD
Hermes Halzan BagClemence/Swift3290GBP
Lindy 26Blue Glacier845000JPY
birkin 30clemence7000EUR
toolbox 20swift4950EUR
jige 29jige 292260EUR
Lindy 30Lindy swift5350EUR
Jypsiere 28cmclemence11135AUD
Birkin 30Clemence with GHW84500HKD
Kelly walletKelly wallet141500THB
Birkin 30Clemence with GHW1260000JPY
Birkin 30Clemence1220000JPY
Kelly 32Clemence with GHW326200NTD
Birkin 35Barenia Flag with GHW98200MOP
Hermes Birkin 30clemence 10900USD
Constance 24Black Swift w/ GHW319000NTD
25 kellyTogo5950EUR
Bolide 315350EUR
Bolide 273850EUR
Lindy 30Swift11500SGD
35 Kelly SellierEpsom11500USD
Birkin Bag 25 cmBiloticus Himalaya (crocodile leather)32800EUR
Birkin Bag 30 cmBiloticus Himalaya (crocodile leather)38000EUR