Hermes bag price list 2012

Following are indicative prices for Hermes Bag in 2011. If there are two prices for the same bag, use the higher price.

Birkin 258500EUROmbre Lizard
Birkin 3030800EURCroc Himalaya
Birkin 305950EURTogo
Birkin 305660GBPbirkin togo
Birkin 30150000GBPbarenia croc diamonds
Birkin 301039500JPYTogo/Clemence
Birkin 3061000SEKTogo
Birkin 308600USDEpsom
Birkin 3010200USDbirkin club
Birkin 3010100USDbirkin chevre
Birkin 309450USDClemence
Birkin 3010300USDBox
Birkin 3536500AEDTogo/clem
Birkin 3511500AUDTaurillon clemence
Birkin 357100EURbirkin club
Birkin 356500EURbirkin togo
Birkin 356950EURbirkin box
Birkin 356500EURbirkin togo
Birkin 3531200EURbirkin porosus
Birkin 356500EURClemnc
Birkin 357800EURGhilles Fauve Veau
Birkin 356180GBPbirkin togo
Birkin 356180GBPclemence
Birkin 3584200HKDbirkin togo
Birkin 3592000HKDclub
Birkin 3584500HKDbirkin clemence
Birkin 3584200HKDtaurillon Clemence
Birkin 35100913000IDRClemnc
Birkin 351060000JPYTogo
Birkin 35150000MYRCroc
Birkin 359550SFRbirkin togo
Birkin 359550SFRbirkin clemence
Birkin 3514900SGDTogo/clem
Birkin 359550USDbirkin togo
Birkin 3510300USDbirkin togo
Birkin 3510300USDClem
Birkin 3510400USDTogo bi-color
Birkin 3512000USDGhillies
Birkin 3511200USDTogo
Birkin 356500Togo
Birkin 4010750CADbirkin togo
Birkin 407500EURbirkin box
Birkin 4097300HKDbirkin barenia
Birkin 4092300HKDbirkin togo
Bolide 31664000JPYClemence
Bolide 3110400SGD
Bolide 317150USD
Bolide 376975CADClemence
Bolide 376800USDClemence
Bolide Relax 35407000JPYSwift
Cabag Elan960EUR
Cabag Elan4900RM
Catenina5850USDSilk version
CDC bracelet1350AUDSwift
CDC bracelet4210AUDSilver
CDC bracelet870EUREpsom
CDC bracelet2650EURSilver
CDC bracelet3025USDAll silver
CDC bracelet1150USDEpsom
CDC bracelet1950USDAlligator
CDC bracelet3525USDSilver
Constance 18cm4040GBPSwift
Constance 18cm51600HKDEpsom
Constance 18cm54100HKDSwift
Constance 18cm5950USDEpsom with regular HW
Constance 18cm6400USDEpsom
Constance 24cm6200CHFswift with regular HW
Constance 24cm15500GBPGator ghw
Constance 24cm300000TWDswift with enamel HW
Constance 24cm9150USDSwift with enamel HW
Constance 24cm8550USDEpsom
Constance 24cm9800USDswift with enamel HW
Constance Elan8565AUDEpsom with regular HW
Constance Elan7700CADEpsom PHW
Constance Elan243500TWDEpsom with PHW
Constance Elan8650USDBox with PHW
Constance Elan7750USDEpsom
Constance Long Wallet4695AUDEpsom
Constance Long Wallet2750EUREpsom
Constance Long Wallet2810GBPTadelakt
Dogon Combined wallet1970AUDTogo
Double Sens 36cm4160AUD
Double Sens 36cm3600USDSikkim
Double Sens 45 cm2300EUR
Double Sens 45 cm38300HKD
Double Sens 45 cm3650USD
Double Sens 45 cm3650USDClemence
Evelyne II GM3000USDClemence
Evelyne III GM11700RMClemence
Evelyne III PM3130AUD
Evelyne III PM1760EUR
Evelyne III PM1680GBP
Evelyne III PM2800USDClemence
Garden Party3410AUD30 cm
Garden Party2105AUD36 cm canvas
Garden Party2825CADTPM
Garden Party2060EUR36 cm
Garden Party23800HKD36 mm
Garden Party4350SGD30 cm
Garden Party2950SGD36 cm canvas
Garden Party2700USD36 mm
Garden Party3275USD36 cm
Garden Party3075USDTPM negonda
Garden Party2625USDMM fjord & toile
Herbag Zip GM2450USD
Herbag Zip PM2800AUD
Jige clutch1960EURJige Elan swift
Jige clutch35500HKDJige Elan Satin + Lizard
Jypsiere 287820AUD
Jypsiere 284600EURClemence
Jypsiere 284380GBP
Jypsiere 286550USDClemence
Jypsiere 287300USD
Jypsiere 348650USDclemence
Jypsiere 379200USDclemence
Kelly 258250EURLizard
Kelly 289125AUDBox retourne
Kelly 284900EURSwift retourne
Kelly 3268000HKDClemence retourne
Kelly 328500USDSwift Retourne
Kelly 328300USDTogo Retourne
Kelly 324650Togo Retourne
Kelly 355400EURTogo Retourne
Kelly 358550USDTogo Retourne
Kelly 406900EURclemence
Kelly 406700EURepsom
Kelly Danse3925USD
Kelly Dog Bracelet350GBP
Kelly Dog Bracelet490USDLeather
Kelly Dog Bracelet1050USDAlligator
Kelly Double Tour Bracelet550AUDswift
Kelly Double Tour Bracelet345EURswift
Kelly Double Tour Bracelet345EURswift
Kelly Double Tour Bracelet320GBPswift
Kelly Double Tour Bracelet475USDregular leather
Kelly Double Tour Bracelet455USDswift
Kelly Lakis 3212200USD
Kelly Longue wallet3280AUDEpsom
Kelly Longue wallet2950USDchevre
Kelly Medium wallet4150SGD
Kelly Pochette3000EUR
Kelly Pochette33600HKD
Kelly Pochette4300USDSwift
Kelly Pochette4675USDSwift
Lindy 307170AUDClemence
Lindy 306250CADClemence (éclat)
Lindy 305875CADClemence
Lindy 304250EURClemence (éclat)
Lindy 304040GBPClemence
Lindy 3047800HKDSwift
Lindy 30335000PHPTogo
Lindy 30211200TWDClemence
Lindy 306750USDClemence
Lindy 346825CADClemence (Eclat)
Lindy 346250CADClemence
Lindy 346500USDClemence (Lindy eclat)
Lindy 347200USDTogo Café
Marwari PM2270EURClemence
Marwari PM2160GBP
Marwari PM3600USDClemence
Medor clutch5120AUDBox leather
Medor clutch2760GBPtadelakt
Mini Bolide4500CADSwift
Picotin MM1650EUR
Picotin MM21000HKD
Picotin MM8700RM
Picotin MM2625USDClemence
Picotin PM1430GBP
Picotin PM7900RM
Picotin PM3450SGD
Picotin PM2325USD
Rivale Bracelet421EURswift
Rivale Bracelet560USDleather
Shoulder Atlas3800EURTogo
Steeple Tote3275USDcanvas
Toolbox 20cm6400USD
Toolbox 26cm30000QRSbi color
Toolbox 33cm9525CAD
Toolbox 33cm5850EURSwift
Victoria Elan 384050USD
Victoria II2900EURClemence
Victoria II2760GBP