Hermes bag price list 2011

Following are indicative prices for Hermes Bag in 2011. If there are two prices for the same bag, use the higher price.

Birkin 254400EURTogo
Birkin 2517700EURCroc
Birkin 2568400HKDTogo
Birkin 251280000JPYLizard
Birkin 25833000JPYswift
Birkin 251380000JPYOstrich
Birkin 2510900SGDTogo
Birkin 2518000SGDLizard
Birkin 257050USDEpsom
Birkin 2527700USDnilo croc
Birkin 2533500USDporo shiny croc
Birkin 3012290AUDclemence
Birkin 305400EURTogo
Birkin 305450EURTogo
Birkin 305400EURclemence
Birkin 3019800EURshiny nilo
Birkin 3026600EURshiny croc
Birkin 3010900EUROstrich
Birkin 305300EURepsom
Birkin 305450EURswift
Birkin 305800EURchevre
Birkin 305030GBPTogo
Birkin 305070GBPbox
Birkin 304930GBPepsom
Birkin 3068400HKDTogo
Birkin 30990000JPYclemence
Birkin 3013300SGDTogo
Birkin 3026700SGDOstrich
Birkin 3013300SGDfjord
Birkin 30311300THBswift-toile
Birkin 30286000TWDepsom
Birkin 30313100TWDchevre
Birkin 308650USDTogo
Birkin 308600USDTogo
Birkin 308650USDclemence
Birkin 308350USDbox
Birkin 308750USDbox
Birkin 3017100USDOstrich
Birkin 308450USDepsom
Birkin 3032200USDmatte nilo
Birkin 3037300USDshiny poro
Birkin 3033335USDporo
Birkin 309350USDbarenia
Birkin 3514000AUDTogo
Birkin 3513425AUDclemence
Birkin 359975CDNTogo
Birkin 359975CDNclemence
Birkin 355900EURTogo
Birkin 355900EURclemence
Birkin 3527800EURmatte croc
Birkin 3528000EURporo croc
Birkin 355650EURepsom
Birkin 355950EURbox
Birkin 355900EURfjord
Birkin 355900EURfjord
Birkin 356350EURbarenia
Birkin 355490GBPTogo
Birkin 355500GBPSwift
Birkin 3571400HKDTogo
Birkin 3574800HKDTogo
Birkin 3577450RMBclemence
Birkin 3514600SGDTogo
Birkin 359350USDTogo
Birkin 359450USDSwift
Birkin 3541800USDshiny poro croc
Birkin 3538200USDmatte alligator
Birkin 359350USDclemence birkin
Birkin 4010750CADclemence
Birkin 406400EURclemence
Birkin 406450EURtogo
Birkin 4082400HKDclemence
Birkin 4084000RMBclemence
Birkin 4015900SGDtogo
Birkin 4010300USDtogo
birkin shadow clutch4125USD
Bolide 314100EURclemence
Bolide 316450USDclemence
Bolide 376550USDclemence
Bolide 376550USDfjord
Constance 18cm3800EURbox
Constance 18cm7050USDepsom
Constance 18cm20000USDcroc
Constance 18cm5800USDepsom
Constance elan7600USDepsom
Constance elan24000USDcroc
Dogon1030EURGold togo
Double Sens3650USD
HAC 4057000DKKEpsom
HAC 406450EURTogo
Jige Clutch1790EURtadelakt elan
Jige Clutch2020EURepsom elan gm
Jige Clutch1450EURcognac box pm
Jige Clutch2375USDswift/toile GM
Jige Clutch2775tadelakt e/w pm
Jige Clutch1575toile/leather pm
Jypsiere 287950CDNclemence
Jypsiere 284000EURclemence
Jypsiere 284000EURclemence
Jypsiere 286500USDclemence
Jypsiere 347600USDclemence
Jypsiere 375000EURclemence
Kelly 256250USDSellier swift
Kelly 256500USDretourne epsom
Kelly 2810850AUDretourne togo
Kelly 284500EURretourne epsom
Kelly 284650EURretourne togo
Kelly 284750EURretourne swift
Kelly 289460GBPSellier ostrich
Kelly 284930GBPSellier Box
Kelly 28242800NTDretourne epsom
Kelly 2813100SGDsellier box
Kelly 287600USDsellier epsom
Kelly 287900USDretourne chevre mangalore
Kelly 324750EURtogo retourne
Kelly 324550EURepsom retourne
Kelly 324750EURClemence Retourne Amazone
Kelly 325550EURBox Sellier
Kelly 324420GBPTogo
Kelly 3234450MYRchevre de coromandel sellier
Kelly 3229700MYRtogo retourne
Kelly 328000USDchevre mangalore retourne
Kelly 327600USDtogo retourne
Kelly 328900USDBox Sellier
Kelly 327750USDswift
Kelly 328600USDSO BLACK Box Retourne
Kelly 328300USDEPSOM Sellier
Kelly 354950EURretourne box
Kelly 354900EURretourne clemence
Kelly 355300EURsellier epsom
Kelly 3516190GBPRetourne matt alligator
Kelly 3562100HKDretourne togo
Kelly 357900USDretourne swift
Kelly 358200USDretourne box
Kelly 357850USDretourne clemence
Kelly 357600USDretourne swift toile
Kelly 357650USDretourne togo
Kelly 3511700USDlakis evergrain all leather
Kelly 408150EURevergrain kelly lakis all leather paris
Kelly 406850EURClemence
Kelly 405820GBPRetourne Clemence
Kelly 4010000USDRetourne clemence
Kelly 4010100USDretourne swift
Kelly 4010000USDRetourne Togo
kelly danse3000EURSwift
Kelly flat/jpg5800EURFlat
Kelly pochette2650EURcut tadelakt
Kelly pochette2750EURcut box
Kelly pochette2890EURkelly pochette
Kelly pochette7750EURKelly pochette shiny alligator
Kelly pochette7500EURpochette matte nilo
Kelly pochette2850EURpochette evercalf
Kelly pochette1870EURwallet long chevre mysore
Kelly pochette9700GBPcut croc
Kelly pochette2560GBPcut box
Kelly pochette2650GBPpochette swift
Kelly pochette4700GBPpochette Ostrich
Kelly pochette6800SGDcut tadelakt
Kelly pochette4500SGDwallet long box
Kelly pochette16300SGDwallet long croc
Kelly pochette8000SGDwallet long lizard
Kelly pochette4375USDcut swift
Kelly pochette4375USDcut tadelakt
Kelly pochette4075USDpochette box
Kelly pochette4375USDpochette swift
Kelly pochette4600USDpochette SO Black box
Kelly pochette9300USDKelly Longue wallet alligator
Kelly pochette4950USDwallet long lizard
Lindy 265250USDClemence
Lindy 308305AUDclemence
Lindy 303650EURclemence
Lindy 303400GBP
Lindy 3046500HKD
Lindy 3039900SGDnilo
Lindy 305600USDclemence
Lindy 305850USDswift
Lindy 305800USDclemence
Lindy 348990AUDclemence
Lindy 343950EUR
Lindy 344000EUR(swift leather)
Lindy 343820GBP
Lindy 3450450HKD
Lindy 349800SGD
Lindy 346100USD
Lindy 346250USDclemence
massai cut 325700SGDSwift/evergrain
massai cut 323750USDSwift/evergrain
massai cut 402700EURevergrain
massai cut 406700SGDSwift/evergrain
Medor clutch3000EURtadelakt 29cm
Medor clutch7400SGDtadelakt 29cm
Medor clutch142000TWDtadelkat 23cm
Shadow Birkin 406890GBP
Shadow Birkin 4010800USD
Shoulder Atlas7900SGDClemence/Canvas
shoulder birkin ii15265AUD
shoulder birkin ii6700EUR
shoulder birkin ii1320000JPYclemence
shoulder birkin ii16600SGD
shoulder birkin ii10700USD
shoulder kelly12855AUDno fringe clemence
shoulder kelly13425AUDwith fringe clemence
shoulder kelly5900EURwith fringe
shoulder kelly14000SGDNo fringe
shoulder kelly14600SGDwith fringe clemence
so kelly 225500USD
so kelly 266875CDN
so kelly 263900EUR
so kelly 263650GBP
so kelly 269500SGD
so kelly 266050USD
Super Mini Birkin34800RMBEpsom
Toolbox 20cm3800EURSwift
Toolbox 20cm208000TWDSwift
Toolbox 20cm5100USDSwift
Toolbox 20cm6050USDSwift
Toolbox 26cm4300EURSwift
Toolbox 26cm6800USDSwift