Hermes bag price list 2014

Following are indicative prices for Hermes Bag in 2013. If there are two prices for the same bag, use the higher price.

Berline Mini4200EURSwift
Berline Mini6450USDSwift
Birkin 25124000HKDostrich
Birkin 2567200HKD
Birkin 3011895AUDTogo
Birkin 3010725CADTogo
Birkin 306500EURTogo
Birkin 3035600EURCroc Himalaya
Birkin 306150GBPTogo
Birkin 306050GBPEpsom
Birkin 3083100HKDTogo
Birkin 3081000HKDEpsom
Birkin 301100000JPYTogo
Birkin 301080000JPYEpsom
Birkin 3080000SGDCroc Himalaya
Birkin 3014800SGDEpsom
Birkin 3010300USDTogo
Birkin 3511220CADEpsom
Birkin 3511715CADTogo
Birkin 3533300EURAlligator mat
Birkin 357100EURTogo
Birkin 356800EUREpsom
Birkin 357100EURTogo
Birkin 356710GBPTogo
Birkin 3590800HKD
Birkin 351200000JPYTogo
Birkin 351150000JPYEpsom
Birkin 359850SFRTogo
Birkin 3515700SGDEpsom
Birkin 3510700USDEpsom Casaque ghw
Birkin 3511100USDTogo
Birkin 408050EUR
Birkin 4033300EURMatt Gator
Birkin 409450EURGhilles Swift/Canvas
Birkin 4046800USDCroc
Birkin 408200Flag
Birkin 5068000EURCroc
Bolide 2744200HKDEpsom
Bolide 314730GBPClémence
Bolide 317300USD
Bolide 355000EURClemence
Bolide Cooper 556950USDClemence
Bolide Relax 457000USDsikkam
Constance 24cm10885AUDEpsom
Constance 24cm8250CHFEpsom
Constance 24cm6150GBPSombrero
Constance 24cm9050USDEpsom
Constance Cartable11500USD
Constance Elan5110GBPEpsom
Constance Elan8677USDEpsom
Constance Long Wallet3000GBPEpsom
Constance Long Wallet4025USDEpsom
Double Sens 454050CADClemence
Double Sens 452500EURClemence
Double Sens 453250EURSikkim
Double Sens 452370GBPClemence
Double Sens 453030GBPSikkim
Evelyn iii GM2230EURClemence
Evelyn iii GM2110GBPClemence
Evelyn iii GM5100SGDClemence
Evelyn iii GM3400USDClemence
Evelyn iii PM2000EURClemence
Evelyn iii PM1960EUREpsom
Evelyn iii PM1890GBPClemence
Evelyn iii PM3050USDClemence
Faco4400EURPochette Faco II Elan Veau box/Taurillon Clem/Chevre
Faco5300EURVeau Togo
Garden Party TPM 30 cm2150EURNegonda
Garden Party TPM 30 cm26400HKDLeather
Garden Party TPM 30 cm348000JPYNegonda
Garden Party TPM 30 cm1850USDCanvas
Garden Party PM 36 cm2270EURNegonda
Garden Party PM 36 cm1330EURToile beige
Garden Party PM 36 cm1440EURToile canvas
Garden Party PM 36 cm2150GBPNegonda
Garden Party PM 36 cm27900HKDNegonda
Garden Party PM 36 cm17700HKDCanvas
Garden Party PM 36 cm368000JPYNegonda
Garden Party PM 36 cm3450USDNegonda
Garden Party PM 36 cm3450USDVache Country
Hac 408050EUR
Hac 4093500RMB
herbag zip pm2875AUD
herbag zip pm1570EUR
herbag zip pm19300HKD
herbag zip pm3600SGD
Jige clutch1680EURSwift
Jige Elan2120EUREpsom
Jypsiere 285100EUR
Jypsiere 284820GBP
Jypsiere 287750USD
Jypsiere 3110500AUD
Jypsiere 349100USD
Jypsiere 379750USD
Kelly 2811070AUDTogo
Kelly 286400EURGrain d'h
Kelly 286050GBPEpsom sellier
Kelly 2877400HKD
Kelly 28980000JPYTogo
Kelly 281092000JPYEpsom Sellier
Kelly 289000USDClemence
Kelly 329300CADTogo
Kelly 326200EURTogo
Kelly 326800EURGhillies
Kelly 325860GBPClemence
Kelly 3279300HKD
Kelly 328600SFRClemence Retourne
Kelly 329250USDClemence
Kelly 3210200USDEpsom sellier
Kelly 329250USDTogo Retourné
Kelly 3210100USDGhillies Grain d'H/swift
Kelly 356300EURTogo
Kelly 356350EURClemence ret. Amazone
Kelly 356950EUREpsom Sellier
Kelly 356900EURGrain D'H/ Swift Ghilles
Kelly 356010GBPTogo
Kelly 358800SFRTogo Retourne
Kelly 359450USDTogo Retourne
Kelly 408200EURClemence
Kelly cut3300EUREspom
Kelly cut42200HKDEspom
Kelly cut4900USDveau epsom
Kelly Longue Wallet2150EUREpsom
Kelly Longue Wallet2250EURChevre
Kelly Longue Wallet3100SFRChevre
Kelly Longue Wallet3500USDChevre
Kelly pochette10200EURAlligator lisse
Kelly pochette10200EURgator matte
Kelly pochette3700EURBlack Box Guilloche
Kelly pochette3250EUREpsom
Kelly pochette40900HKDGrain d'H/ swift
Lindy 264300EURClemence
Lindy 2652800HKDClemence
Lindy 307780CADClemence
Lindy 304800EURClemence
Lindy 304800EURClemence
Lindy 304590GBPClemence
Lindy 3058900HKDClemence
Lindy 30778000JPYClemence
Lindy 307300USDClemence
Lindy 308100USDClemence
Lindy 307906USDClemence
Lindy 348265CADClémence
Lindy 345100EURClémence
Lindy 344820GBPClémence
Lindy 3463200HKD
Lindy 347750USDClémence
Medor clutch3250EURTadelakt
Passe passe Tote GM2550EURCanvas
Passe passe Tote MM2350EURCanvas
Picotin GM3500CADClemence
Picotin MM2575USD
Picotin PM2675CADClemence
Picotin PM1650EURClemence
Picotin PM2500USDClemence
Picotin TPM1560GBPClemence
Picotin TPM2500USDClemence
Plume 20cm5100USDSwift
Roulis4550EURGrain d'h
Roulis4300GBPGrain d'h
Roulis7450USDButler leather
Sac Convoyeur12000USDBarenia
Sac Etribelt5300EURTogo
So Kelly 22cm7050CADTogo
So Kelly 22cm4250EURTogo
So Kelly 26cm7780CADTogo
So Kelly 26cm4600EURTogo
So Kelly 26cm119000RMBOstrich/Canvas Combo
Toolbox 20cm4600EUREvercolor
Toolbox 20cm782250JPYEvercolor
Toolbox 20cm7000USDSwift
Toolbox 26cm5200EURSwift
Toolbox 26cm7800USDSwift
Toolbox 33cm6700EURSwift
Victoria ii: 35 cm3150EURClémence