Hermes bag price list 2018

Check out the Hermes price list for popular models such as Birkin, Kelly, Lindy, Toolbox, Garden Party, Herbag, Evelyne, Picotin and Victoria II in 2017 below. Last updated May 2018

25 Kelly7040GBPChevre sellier
25 Kelly6350GBPTogo
25 Kelly6400GBPSwift
25 Kelly8400USDTogo
25 Kelly17000EuroSellier Ostrich
28 Kelly6940GBPTogo
28 Kelly10400USDEpsom sellier
28 Kelly9900USDTogo Retourne
28 Kelly7050GBPTogo
28 Kelly7400EuroEpsom Sellier
28 Kelly7300EuroSwift
28 Kelly9700EuroLettre
28 Kelly11300USDTogo Au Gallop
28 Kelly15115AUDChevre sellier
32 Kelly10400USDTogo Retourne
32 Kelly7650EuroClemence
35 Kelly9700CHFTogo
35 Kelly8100Euro Togo
Mini Kelly7700USDChèvre
Mini Kelly17800EuroShiny alligator
Kelly Pochette16800USDShiny alligator
Kelly Pochette10300USDOstrich
Kelly Cut16200EuroNiloticus Lissé
Kelly Cut5600USDSwift
25 Birkin6410GBPTogo
25 Birkin6500EuroTogo
25 Birkin9400USDTogo
25 Birkin7750CHFTogo
25 Birkin9750USDChèvre Mysore
25 Birkin38300USDShiny Niloticus
25 Birkin9500USDSwift
25 Birkin9400USDTogo
30 Birkin7290GBPTogo
30 Birkin7400EuroTogo
30 Birkin10800USDNovillo
30 Birkin12000USD2/23 Barenia Faubourg US 12,000
30 Birkin8450EuroBarenia Faoubourg
30 Birkin10400USDEpsom
30 Birkin10900USDTogo
30 Birkin15000EuroOstrich
30 Birkin9100CHFChevre
30 Birkin7400EuroTogo
30 Birkin37500EuroCroc porosus shiny
35 Birkin8200EuroTogo
35 Birkin8500EuroTogo
35 Birkin8200Euro Clemence
35 Birkin13300USDBarenia Faubourg
35 Birkin8200EuroTogo
40 Birkin8900EuroTogo
50 HAC9810GBPTogo Bicolor
40 Birkin8900EuroTogo
HAC 509810GBPTogo Bicolor
Constance 187700USDEvercolor
Constance 187250USDEpsom
Constance 187700USDTadelklat
Constance 188550USDBarenia
Constance 185550EuroEvercolor
Constance 186150EuroBox
Constance 1810600EuroOstrich
Constance 185700EuroTadelkat
Constance 249650USDEpsom
Constance 246900GBPEpsom
Constance 247000EuroEpsom
Constance 2410400USDEvercolor
Constance 247500EuroEvercolor
Constance 2421800Euro4/13 Matte Gator 21800 Euro
Constance 2411600USDHypnotic buckle HW Evercolor
Constance 247390GBPEvercolor
Constance 2411300USDDe Camp Dechainee Toile
Constance 249750USDEpsom
2002 20cm6300EuroEvercolor
2002 26cm8700EuroEvercolor
Lindy 265200EuroSwift
Lindy 265130GBP01/06 Swift £5130
Lindy 266950USD Clemence
Lindy 265100Euro04/13 Tressage 5100 Euro
Lindy 30 (19 × 30 × 16cm)5600Euro Clemence
Lindy 30 (19 × 30 × 16cm)5520GBP Clemence
Lindy 30 (19 × 30 × 16cm)5600EuroVerso
Lindy 30 (19 × 30 × 16cm)6150EuroVerso
Lindy 30 (19 × 30 × 16cm)6060GBPVerso
Lindy 345879GBP Clemence
Toolbox 26cm (26 x 25 x 18 cm)5820GBP1/1 Novillo £5820
Garden Party 302410GBP07/05 Negonda £2410
Garden Party 302440EuroNegonda
Garden Party 301430EuroVache country & canvas
Garden Party 361600EuroCanvas
Garden Party 361620EuroCanvas
Garden Party 362520Euro01/01 Country £2520
Garden Party 362550EuroCountry
Garden Party 362520Euro01/01 Negonda £2520
Herbag PM3495EuroOfficer canvas & hunter cowhide
Herbag MM1940EuroOfficer canvas & hunter cowhide
Jypsiere 285900EuroTaurillon
Jypsiere 316410GBP Clemence
EVELYNE III TPM1250Euro Clemence
EVELYNE III TPM202000Euro Clemence
EVELYNE III PM2300Euro Clemence
EVELYNE III PM2270Euro Clemence
EVELYNE III GM2550Euro Clemence
EVELYNE III GM2520Euro Clemence
Sellier 293010EuroEpsom
Sellier 293050EuroEpsom
Sellier 293210Euro01/01 Hunter £3210
Sellier 293250EuroHunter
Picotin PM 18cm (7" x 7.5" x 5.3")1860Euro Clemence
Picotin PM 18cm (7" x 7.5" x 5.3")2675Euro Clemence
Picotin PM 18cm (7" x 7.5" x 5.3")2750EuroTaurillon Maurice
Picotin PM 18cm (7" x 7.5" x 5.3")3250Euro04/13 Touch Gator 3250 Euro
Picotin MM 22cm2030Euro Clemence
Picotin MM 22cm2060Euro Clemence
Picotin MM 22cm3000EuroTogo
Picotin MM 22cm24500Euro Clemence
Picotin GM 26cm2450Euro-
Picotin GM 26cm2450GBP01/29 £2420
Victoria ii 35cm (35 x 23 x 17cm)3450GBP-
Victoria ii 35cm (35 x 23 x 17cm)3500Euro-
Plume mini 21cm (21 x 15 x 7.5cm)4050EuroSwift
Plume mini 21cm (21 x 15 x 7.5cm)4140GBPSwift
Plume mini 21cm (21 x 15 x 7.5cm)4200EuroChèvre Mysore
Plume mini 21cm (21 x 15 x 7.5cm)3990GBPChèvre Mysore
Plume mini 21cm (21 x 15 x 7.5cm)11700EuroOstrich
Bolide 1923 Mini3550GBP01/09 Mysore Goatskin £3550
Bolide 1923 Mini4300Euro4/13 Barenia FB 4300 Euro
27 Bolide5850USDEpsom
1923 30 Bolide5570GBP01/01 Novillo £5570
1923 30 Bolide5650EuroNovillo
31 Bolide5570GBP Clemence
31 Bolide5650Euro Clemence
Halzan Mini (L 22 x H 15 x D 6.5 cm)3210GBP01/01 Swift £3210
Halzan Mini (L 22 x H 15 x D 6.5 cm)3250EuroSwift
Halzan Mini (L 22 x H 15 x D 6.5 cm)5300CDNSwift
Halzan Mini (L 22 x H 15 x D 6.5 cm)16650GBP01/28 Niloticus Crocodile £16650
Halzan 31 (L 31 x H 20 x D 10 cm)3900GBP Clemence
Halzan 31 (L 31 x H 20 x D 10 cm)3950Euro Clemence
Halzan 31 (L 31 x H 20 x D 10 cm)24530GBP01/28 Niloticus Crocodile £24530
Double Sens 36 (36 x 28 x 27cm)2230GBP01/28 Clémence £2230
Double Sens 36 (36 x 28 x 27cm)2550EuroSikkim
Double Sens 45 (17.5" x 15.5" x 5"/45 x 40 x 13cm) 2660GBP Clemence
Double Sens 45 (17.5" x 15.5" x 5"/45 x 40 x 13cm) 2700Euro Clemence
Berline (28 x 21 x 9 cm/11" x 8.5" x 3.5") 5230GBP01/01 Swift £5230
Berline (28 x 21 x 9 cm/11" x 8.5" x 3.5") 5300EuroSwift
Roulis Mini (18 x 15 x 6cm)4630GBP1/17 Evercolour £4630
Roulis Mini (18 x 15 x 6cm)4700EuroEvercolor
Roulis Mini (18 x 15 x 6cm)4950EuroButler
Roulis Mini (18 x 15 x 6cm)13900Euro4/13 Ombre Liz/Gator 13900Euro
Roulis Mini (18 x 15 x 6cm)13900Euro4/13 Shiny Gator 13900 Euro
JIGE2450GBP01/01 Elan Swift £2450
JIGE22480EuroElan Swift
JIGE3525USDElan Swift
JIGE5550USDElan Swift
Verrou 17 Chain Mini (7" x 5" 2" / L 17.7 x H 14 x D 5.2 cm)5300EuroChevre
Verrou 17 Chain Mini (7" x 5" 2" / L 17.7 x H 14 x D 5.2 cm)5230GBPChevre
Verrou 17 Chain Mini (7" x 5" 2" / L 17.7 x H 14 x D 5.2 cm)8000USDChevre
Verrou 17 Chain Mini (7" x 5" 2" / L 17.7 x H 14 x D 5.2 cm)13500EuroAlligator
Verrou 215500EuroEpsom
Verrou 215420GBPEpsom
Verrou 2117000EuroAlligator

Hermes bag price list 2017

Check out the Hermes price list for popular models such as Birkin, Kelly, Lindy, Toolbox, Garden Party, Herbag, Evelyne, Picotin and Victoria II in 2017 below. Last updated Nov 2017

25 Kelly5720GBPTogo
25 Kelly6950EuroEpson Sellier
25 Kelly7050EuroTogo Sellier
25 Kelly6300EuroSwift
25 Kelly13400SGDTogo
25 Kelly9500USDEpson Sellier
28 Kelly6270GBPTogo
28 Kelly6850EuroTogo
28 Kelly7200EuroEpsom
28 Kelly8050SFRTogo
28 Kelly11000USDBox Sellier
28 Kelly16600EuroOstrich Sellier
28 Kelly11100CADBarenia Sellier
28 Kelly10900USDBarenia Sellier
28 Kelly1200000JPYSellier epsom
28 Kelly10000USDChevre
32 Kelly7850EuroEpsom Sellier
32 Kelly7200EuroTogo Retourne
32 Kelly6800GBPTogo
32 Kelly7500EuroTogo Sellier
32 Kelly7740GBPBarenia Sellier
35 Kelly7950EuroClemance Retourne
35 Kelly7950EuroTogo
35 Kelly9350CHFTogo (Verso muette/agate)
35 Kelly7950EuroTogo Verso
35 Kelly16095AUDTogo
40 Kelly19075AUDTogo
Kelly Mini7700USDEpsom
Kelly Mini10300USDOstrich
Kelly Mini6350SFREpsom
Kelly Mini6700SFRChevre mysore
Kelly Mini17000EuroShiny Alligator
Kelly Pochette3530GBPSwift
Kelly Pochette7750EuroOstrich
Kelly Pochette5450USDSwift
Kelly Pochette3850EuroSwift
Kelly Cut2890000JPYShiny Porosus
Kelly Cut24300USDShiny Porous
Kelly Cut3630GBPSwift
Kelly Cut5000USDSwift
Kelly Cut3950EuroSwift
So Kelly 227250USDTogo
So Kelly 227900CADTogo
25 Birkin9400USDTogo
25 Birkin26400EuroAlligator
25 Birkin38500USDAlligator
25 Birkin6350EuroTogo
25 Birkin9830CADTogo
25 Birkin9500USDSwift
25 Birkin6400EuroSwift
25 Birkin12950AUDSwift
25 Birkin9250USDEpsom
30 Birkin7200EuroTogo
30 Birkin6600GBPTogo
30 Birkin1250000JPYEpsom
30 Birkin10900USDTogo
30 Birkin8450CHFTogo
30 Birkin8400CHFEpsom
30 Birkin17400SGDGhilles clemence / evercolor
30 Birkin7150EuroEpsom
30 Birkin12300CADTogo
30 Birkin10800USDEpsom
35 Birkin8000EuroTogo
35 Birkin11900USDTogo
35 Birkin11700USDEpsom
35 Birkin13700CADTogo
35 Birkin13100USDBarenia
35 Birkin39600EuroAlligator Matte
35 Birkin7750EuroEpsom
35 Birkin7330GBPTogo
35 Birkin8950EuroBarenia Faubourg
40 Birkin8480EuroTogo Marron Café
40 Birkin8700EuroTogo
40 Birkin15900USDSellier (Hunter leather)
HAC 407420GBPTogo/Felt (Toodoo)
Constance 185650EuroBarenia
Constance 185650EuroBox
Constance 186100CHF
Constance 187750CADEpsom
Constance 187550USDEpsom verso rose gold hw
Constance 185650EuroButler
Constance 185650EuroEvercalf
Constance 1815100USDOstrich
Constance 187250USDEpsom
Constance 185200EuroEpsom
Constance 246280GBPEpsom
Constance 2478500HKDEpsom
Constance 2410400USDSwift
Constance 247350EuroSwift
Constance 247500EuroTatersall canvas black
Constance 247100EuroEpsom Enamel buckle
Constance 248700CHFEpsom Enamel buckle
Constance 2414700SGDEpsom
Constance 2421300EuroNilo Croc
Constance 246850EuroEpsom
Lindy 265000EuroClemence
Lindy 26838000JPYClemence
Lindy 2610800SGDEvercolor
Lindy 266950USDClemence
Lindy 264630GBPSwift
Lindy 264580GBPClemence
Lindy 307850USDSwift
Lindy 307800USDClemence
Lindy 305000GBPClemence
Lindy 308000USDClemence Verso
Lindy 3010835AUDClemence
Lindy 305450EuroClemence
Lindy 305040GBPEvercolor
Lindy 348250USDClemence
Lindy 345320GBPClemence
Lindy 345800EuroClemence
Toolbox 20cm7650USDEvercolor
Toolbox 20cm5100EuroEvercolor
Toolbox 20cm30300MYREvercolor
Toolbox 26cm6230GBPSwift
Toolbox 26cm8650USDNovillo
Toolbox 26cm8650USDSwift
Toolbox 26cm5270GBPEvercolour Swift
Toolbox 26cm5750EuroEvercolour Swift
Garden Party 303500USDNegonda & Chevron Lining
Garden Party 301410EuroCanvas
Garden Party 302190GBPNegonda Calfskin
Garden Party 302380EuroNegonda Calfskin
Garden Party 305100SGDEpsom
Garden Party 30107500NTDEpsom
Garden Party 362325USDCanvas with cowhide trim
Garden Party 363675USDCountry & Chevron Lining
Garden Party 364125USDCountry & Quadridge Canvas
Garden Party 362500EuroCountry vache leather / negonda
Garden Party 362300GBPNegonda Calfskin
Garden Party 362950CHFNegonda
Garden Party 364970AUDNegonda Calfskin
Garden Party 36 Pocket Strap4200USDCountry & Riga Canvas
Herbag Zip PM290000JPY
Herbag Zip PM1820Euro
Herbag Zip PM1610GBPCanvas & Hunter Leather
Herbag Zip MM1750GBPCanvas & Cowhide
Herbag Zip MM1900EuroCanvas & Cowhide
Jypsiere 285750Euro
Jypsiere 285270GBPClemence
Jypsiere 285750EuroClemence
Jypsiere 288500USDClemence
Jypsiere 288400USDSwift
Jypsiere 316350EuroClemence
Jypsiere 319350USDClemence
Jypsiere 315820GBPClemence
Jypsiere 349750USDClemence
Evelyne III TPM1230EuroClemence
Evelyne III TPM1130GBPClemence
Evelyne III TPM1725USDClemence
Evelyne III PM2070GBPClemence
Evelyne III PM3300USDEpsom
Evelyne III PM3375USDTwill H Canvas with Clemence trim
Evelyne III PM3375USDClemence
Evelyne III PM2250EuroClemence
Evelyne III PM2850EuroVeau Grizzly / Clemence
Evelyne III PM3200EuroSellier hunter
Evelyne III GM2300GBPClemence
Evelyne III GM2500EuroClemence
Evelyne III GM3725USDEpsom
Evelyne III GM3750USDClemence
Evelyne III GM3260GBPSellier
Evelyne III GM3550EuroSellier
Picotin PM 18cm2675USDClemence
Picotin PM 18cm3900SGDClemence
Picotin PM 18cm1680GBPClemence
Picotin PM 18cm1830EuroClemence
Picotin PM 18cm8400USDOstrich
Picotin MM 22cm1850GBPClemence
Picotin MM 22cm2950USDClemence
Picotin MM 22cm2010EuroClemence
Picotin MM 22cm65800RMBOstrich
Picotin MM 22cm2130EuroClemence / Swift
Picotin GM 26cm2390EuroClemence
Picotin GM 26cm3500USDClemence
Victoria II 35cm3170GBPClemence
Victoria II 35cm3300GBPNovillo
Victoria II 35cm3450EuroNovillo
Victoria II 35cm5150USDClemence
Victoria II 35cm5350USDNovillo
Victoria II 35cm4900USDClemence with canvas lining
Victoria II 434825USDCanvas
Victoria II 435850USDClemence
Victoria II 505050USDCanvas
Victoria II 12H5300USDClemence
Plume 21cm5700USDSwift
Plume 32cm8700USDSwift
Plume 40cm5250EuroSwift/Evercolor
Plume 40cm27000EuroCroc panels, Togo sides, Box handle
Plume 12H5400EuroEvercolor
27 Bolide3940GBPSwift
27 Bolide5850USDEpsom
27 Bolide6300USDSwift
27 Bolide45300HKDEpsom
27 Bolide7200CADSwift
27 Bolide4300EuroSwift
27 Bolide3950EuroEpsom
31 Bolide5040GBPClemence
31 Bolide5500EuroClemence
31 Bolide8100USDClemence
Halzan mini4600USDSwift
Halzan mini2890GBPSwift
Halzan mini3150EuroSwift
Double Sens 362040GBPClemence
Double Sens 363825USDSwift/Sikkim
Double Sens 363825USDSikkim
Double Sens 363425USDClemence
Double Sens 452430GBPClemence
Double Sens 454450USDClemence/Swift
Double Sens 454050USDClemence
Double Sens 455200USDSikkim
Berline Sport/Mini4170GBPSwift
Berline Sport/Mini4550EuroSwift
Berline Sport/Mini7150USDSwift
Roulis 186550USDEvercolor
Roulis 184600EuroEvercolor
Roulis 184220GBPEvercolor
Roulis 237650USDEvercolor
Roulis 234910GBPEvercolor
Roulis 235350EuroEvercolor
Maxibox Cabas 363300GBPCalfskin
Maxibox Cabas 363600EuroCalfskin
EGEE8480GBPSmooth Nilo croc
EGEE9250EuroSmooth Nilo croc
Duo12740GBPMississippiensis alligator
Duo13900EuroMississippiensis alligator
Duo2750GBPGrizzly Calskin & Swift Calfskin
Duo3000EuroGrizzly Calskin & Swift Calfskin
MEDOR13560GBPSmooth Mississippiensis Alligator
MEDOR14800EuroSmooth Mississippiensis Alligator
MEDOR166000RMBBlack gator black HW
Chain Mini5300EuroChevre
Chain Mini4860GBPChevre
Chain Mini8000USDChevre
Chain Mini9050USDDoblis Calfskin
Chain Mini12370GBPSmooth Mississippiensis Alligator
Chain Mini13500EuroSmooth Mississippiensis Alligator
Chain Mini7560GBPOstrich
Verrou 215500EuroEpsom
Verrou 215040GBPEpsom
Verrou 218300USDEpsom
Verrou 21435000RUBEpsom
Verrou Clutch4040GBPDoublis
Cherche-Midi 186700USDEvercolor
Cherche-Midi 186850USDTadelakt
Cherche-Midi 183990GBPEpsom
Cherche-Midi 184350EuroEpsom
Cherche-Midi 223300GBPEpsom
Cherche-Midi 223600EuroEpsom
Cherche-Midi 223490GBPCalfskin
Cherche-Midi 223800EuroCalfskin
Cherche-Midi 258100USDSombrero
Cherche-Midi 254810GBPCalfskin
Cherche-Midi 255250EuroCalfskin
Cherche-Midi 254630GBPEpsom
Cherche-Midi 255050EuroEpsom
Cherche Clutch 235300USDEpsom
Cherche Clutch 233300GBPEpsom
Cherche Clutch 233490GBPSombrero
Kelly Wallet2480GBPMysore Goatskin
Kelly Wallet2700EuroMysore Goatskin
Kelly Wallet2390GBPEpsom
Kelly Wallet2600EuroEpsom
Kelly Wallet5500SGDEpsom
Kelly Wallet10100EuroAlligator Mississippiensis
Kelly Wallet2390GBPMysore Goatskin
Kelly Wallet2600EuroMysore Goatskin
Kelly Wallet2480GBPMysore Goatskin
Constance Wallet9530GBPAlligator Mississippiensis
Constance Wallet10400EuroAlligator Mississippiensis
Constance Wallet3490GBPEpsom
Constance Wallet3800EuroEpsom
Constance Wallet4525USDEpsom
Constance Wallet4800SGDEpsom

Hermes bag price list 2016

Check out the Hermes price list for popular models such as Birkin, Kelly in 2016 below. Last updated August 2016

ModelColor / StylePriceCurrency
Hermes 25 BirkinSwift5360GBP
Hermes 25 BirkinEpsom6000EUR
Hermes 25 BirkinTogo/Swift5900EUR
Hermes 25 BirkinEpsom9250USD
Hermes 25 BirkinSwift6150EUR
Hermes 25 BirkinClemence9400USD
Hermes 25 BirkinTogo9400USD
Hermes 25 BirkinTogo5310GBP
Hermes 25 Birkiniloticus Himalaya32800EUR
Hermes 30 BirkinTogo7000EUR
Hermes 30 BirkinTogo10900USD
Hermes 30 BirkinEpsom6950EUR
Hermes 30 BirkinTogo6170GBP
Hermes 30 BirkinTogo6100GBP
Hermes 30 BirkinTogo6750EUR
Hermes 30 BirkinTogo84300HKD
Hermes 30 BirkinTogo11340CAD
Hermes 30 BirkinGhillies Togo / Swift7900EUR
Hermes 30 BirkinClemence10900USD
Hermes 30 BirkinCroco Porosus Lisse42350CHF
Hermes 30 BirkinClemence1260000JPY
Hermes 30 BirkinTogo10800USD
Hermes 30 BirkinClemence84500HKD
Hermes 30 BirkinChevre11300USD
Hermes 30 BirkinEpsom6700EUR
Hermes 30 BirkinTogo1260000YEN
Hermes 30 BirkinGator44500USD
Hermes 30 BirkinTogo10900USD
Hermes 30 BirkinEpsom85200HKD
Hermes 30 BirkinClemence7000EUR
Hermes 30 BirkinGhillies Togo / Swift12350USD
Hermes 30 BirkinClemence15400SGD
Hermes 30 BirkinOstrich13000EUR
Hermes 30 BirkinEpsom10800USD
Hermes 30 BirkinTogo16400SGD
Hermes 30 BirkinClemence14160AUD
Hermes 30 BirkinBlack box7400EUR
Hermes 35 BirkinTogo7800EUR
Hermes 35 BirkinEpsom7550EUR
Hermes 35 BirkinTogo6750GBP
Hermes 35 BirkinTogo14900AUD
Hermes 35 BirkinGillies Togo / Swift13500USD
Hermes 35 BirkinTogo12435CAD
Hermes 35 BirkinTogo15680AUD
Hermes 35 BirkinTogo7400EUR
Hermes 35 BirkinClemence11900USD
Hermes 35 BirkinTogo6780GBP
Hermes 35 BirkinClemence7750EUR
Hermes 35 BirkinClemence8450EUR
Hermes 35 BirkinEpsom11310000YEN
Hermes 35 BirkinSwift Ghilles8450EUR
Hermes 35 BirkinClemence11340000Yen
Hermes 35 BirkinFjord11900USD
Hermes 35 BirkinTogo7750EUR
Hermes 35 BirkinEpsom7250EUR
Hermes 35 BirkinTogo1400000Yen
Hermes 35 BirkinBarenia Flag98200MOP
Hermes 40 BirkinClemence7360GBP
Hermes 40 BirkinTogo13200USD
Hermes 40 BirkinEpsom12900USD
Hermes 40 BirkinClemence13200USD
Hermes 40 BirkinClemence17500SGD
Hermes 50 BirkinToile9850EUR
25 KellySellier shiny nilo29700USD
25 KellyTogo5950GBP
25 KellySwift8500USD
25 KellyTogo8400USD
25 KellySellier Epsom6650GBP
25 KellySellier Epsom1140000YEN
28 KellyRetourne6800EUR
28 KellyTogo7750CHF
28 KellySellier Epsom10400USD
28 KellyClemence6600GBP
28 KellySellier Contour Epsom6950EUR
28 KellyClemence9900USD
28 KellyTogo1140000YEN
28 KellyTogo10065CAD
28 KellySellier Epsom6050GBP
28 KellyTogo9900USD
28 KellyClemence5750GBP
28 KellyTogo6450EUR
28 KellyTogo37290AED
28 KellySellier Epsom10400USD
32 KellyTogo10400USD
32 KellyTogo6800EUR
32 KellyTogo15700SGD
32 KellyClemence6220GBP
32 KellyClemence10400USD
32 KellyClemence14700SGD
32 KellyClemence326200NTD
32 KellySwift7700EUR
32 KellySwift11800USD
32 KellyCrocodile Niloticus Himalaya37400EUR
32 KellyCroc24200EUR
32 KellyEpsom7300EUR
35 KellyClemence7000EUR
35 KellyGrizzly/Swift Ghilles7650EUR
35 KellyTogo7000EUR
40 KellyTogo8200EUR
40 KellyGainé Sellier11300EUR
Hermes Kelly CutEpsom3300EUR
Hermes Kelly CutCrocodile12700EUR
Hermes Kelly CutPorosus15900EUR
Herbag Zip PM1630EUR
Herbag Zip PM1490GBP
Herbag Zip PM2480USD
Herbag Zip PM3225AUD
Herbag Zip MM1770EUR
Herbag Zip MM1620GBP
Herbag Zip MM1530EUR
Kelly Danse BagSwift3272USD
Mini Berline BagSwift dual color4600EUR
Mini Berline BagSwift dual color4210GBP
Mini Berline BagSwift/Evercolor4030GBP
Mini Berline BagEvercolor4400EUR
Medium Berline BagSwift4710GBP
Medium Berline BagSwift5150EUR
Medium Berline BagSwift dual colour4850GBP
Medium Berline BagSwift dual colour5300EUR
Kelly PochetteBlack Box Guilloche3700EUR
Kelly Pochettegator matte10200EUR
Kelly PochetteEpsom 3250EUR
Kelly PochetteGrain d’H/swift40900HKD
Hermes Kelly Longue WalletEpsom2320EUR
Hermes Kelly Longue WalletEpsom2120GBP
Hermes Kelly Longue WalletChèvre2250EUR
Hermes Kelly Longue WalletChèvre3550USD
Hermes Kelly Longue WalletChèvre2230GBP
HAC 40Togo13400USD
HAC 40Togo8050EUR
HAC 40Togo93500RMB
Hermes Jige PM ClutchSwift1680EUR
Hermes Jige GM ClutchElan Swift2300EUR
Hermes Jige GM ClutchCz Krone6400CZK
Hermes Jige GM ClutchElan Epsom3780USD
Hermes Egee clutchTadelakt525000JPY
Hermes Medor ClutchNilo/Lizard13200EUR
Hermes Medor ClutchTadelakt3250EUR
Hermes Medor ClutchTadelakt5300USD
Hermes Faco Clutch BagClemence4050EUR
Hermes Faco Clutch BagChevre4050EUR
Lindy 26Clemence6950USD
Lindy 26Clemence5000EUR
Lindy 30Clemence9890AUD
Lindy 30Clemence4570GBP
Lindy 30Clemence5000EUR
Lindy 30Evercolor4620GBP
Lindy 30Evercolor5050EUR
Lindy 30Swift11500SGD
Lindy 30Swift5350EUR
Lindy 34Clemence5300EUR
Lindy 34Clemence4850GBP
Lindy 34Clemence10485AUD
Hermes Jypsiere 28Clemence10785AUD
Hermes Jypsiere 28Clemence4980GBP
Hermes Jypsiere 28Clemence5450EUR
Hermes Jypsiere 28Clemence11135AUD
Hermes Jypsiere 319350USD
Hermes Jypsiere 31Clemence6000EUR
Hermes Jypsiere 31Clemence11870AUD
Hermes Jypsiere 349750USD
SO kelly 227250USD
SO kelly 224650EUR
SO kelly 26Togo4600EUR
SO kelly 26Togo7780CAD
Massai cut 32Taupe Swift Calfskin3725USD
Massai cut 40Taupe Swift Calfskin4375USD
Massai cut 40Taupe Swift Calfskin3160EUR
Hermes Bolide 27Epsom3850EUR
Hermes Bolide 27Clemence 4730GBP
Hermes Bolide 27Clemence 7300USD
Hermes Bolide 31Clemence5350EUR
Hermes Bolide 31Clemence4760GBP
Hermes Bolide 35Clemence5495EUR
Hermes Bolide 35Clemence63600HKD
Hermes Bolide 35Sikkim4050EUR
Hermes Bolide 4010000JPY
Hermes bolide 45Sikkam7000USD
Constance ElanEpsom8677USD
Constance ElanEpsom5110GBP
Hermes Constance 18Alligator25200USD
Hermes Constance 18Epsom7250USD
Hermes Constance 18Swift7650USD
Hermes Constance 24Epsom9050USD
Hermes Constance 24Epsom8250CHF
Hermes Constance 24Epsom10885AUD
Hermes Constance 24Sombrero6150GBP
Hermes Constance 24Swift6100GBP
Hermes Constance 24Swift319000NTD
Constance WalletEpsom3000GBP
Constance WalletEpsom4025USD
Hermes Atlas BagClemence6900USD
Hermes Atlas BagTogo3800EUR
Hermes Toolbox 20Niloticus Crocodile30465AUD
Hermes Toolbox 20Swift7000USD
Hermes Toolbox 20Swift4900EUR
Hermes Toolbox 26Swift5550EUR
Hermes Toolbox 26Swift5080GBP
Hermes Toolbox 26Swift8650USD
Hermes Toolbox 33Swift6700EUR
Hermes Double Sens 36Sikkim2250GBP
Hermes Double Sens 36Sikkim2460EUR
Hermes Double Sens 36Sikkim3825USD
Hermes Double Sens 45Clemence2850EUR
Hermes Double Sens 45Clemence4450USD
Hermes Double Sens 45Clemence5145AUD
Hermes Double Sens 45Swift2610GBP
Hermes Garden Party PMNegonda2250EUR
Hermes Garden Party PMNegonda2050GBP
Hermes Garden Party PMNegonda5200SGD
Hermes Garden Party PMVache Country3500USD
Hermes Garden Party GMNegonda2550EUR
Hermes Garden Party GMNegonda5400SGD
Hermes Garden Party GMNegonda2124EUR
Hermes Garden Party GMCDG Airport, Cotton Linen2150USD
Hermes Garden Party GMVache Country2360EUR
Hermes Garden Party GMVache Country2160GBP
Hermes Garden Party GMVache Country3825USD
Hermes Garden Party GMCotton Linen2150USD
Hermes Evelyne III TPMClemence1800USD
Hermes Evelyne III TPMClemence1060GBP
Hermes Evelyne III PMClemence2160EUR
Hermes Evelyne III PMClemence1980GBP
Hermes Evelyne III PMClemence3375USD
Hermes Evelyne III PMClemence5000SGD
Hermes Evelyne III PMEpsom2160EUR
Hermes Evelyne III PMEpsom3375USD
Hermes Evelyne III GMClemence2410EUR
Hermes Evelyne III GMClemence2210GBP
Hermes Evelyne III GMClemence3750USD
Hermes Evelyne III GMClemence5500SGD
Victoria II 35 cmClemence3300EUR
Victoria II 35 cmClemence3020GBP
Victoria II 35 cmClemence6530AUD
Hermes Sac A Depeche 417331USD
Hermes Sac A Depeche 411016280JPY
Hermes Sac RoulisSombrero5500EUR
Hermes Sac RoulisSombrero4570GBP
Hermes Sac RoulisSombrero7800USD
Hermes Sac RoulisEvercolor4900EUR
Hermes Sac RoulisEvercolor4480GBP
Hermes Sac RoulisSwift5500EUR
Caterina bagSilk5850USD
Caterina bagSwift5550USD
Caterina bagSwift3370EUR
Hermes Picotin Lock TPMClemence2675USD
Hermes Picotin Lock TPMClemence1560GBP
Hermes Picotin Lock PM (18 cm)Clemence2675USD
Hermes Picotin Lock PM (18 cm)Clemence1650EUR
Hermes Picotin Lock PM (18 cm)Clemence2675CAD
Hermes Picotin Lock MM (22 cm)2575USD
Hermes Picotin Lock MM (22 cm)1890EUR
Hermes Picotin Lock GM (26 cm)Clemence3500CAD
Hermes Picotin Lock GM (26 cm)Clemence3275USD
Hermes Picotin Lock GM (26 cm)Clemence2250EUR
Hermes Picotine Lock TGM (31 cm)2600EUR
Hermes Picotine Lock TGM (31 cm)3400CHF
Hermes Cabag Bag1725USD
Hermes Cabag Bag1100EUR
Hermes Cabag Bag1010GBP
Steeple ToteCanvas3475USD
Hermes Maxi Box Bag 29Evercolor6000EUR
Hermes Maxi Box Bag 37Evercolor6400EUR
Hermes Maxi Box Bag 37Evercolor5850GBP
Hermes Oxer BagEvercolor10600USD
Hermes Oxer BagEvercolor6400EUR
Hermes Passe Passe Tote Bag444960JPY
Hermes Halzan BagClemence/Swift5480USD
Hermes Halzan BagClemence/Swift3600EUR
Hermes Halzan BagClemence/Swift7400SGD
Hermes Halzan BagClemence/Swift3290GBP
Lindy 26Blue Glacier845000JPY
birkin 30clemence7000EUR
toolbox 20swift4950EUR
jige 29jige 292260EUR
Lindy 30Lindy swift5350EUR
Jypsiere 28cmclemence11135AUD
Birkin 30Clemence with GHW84500HKD
Kelly walletKelly wallet141500THB
Birkin 30Clemence with GHW1260000JPY
Birkin 30Clemence1220000JPY
Kelly 32Clemence with GHW326200NTD
Birkin 35Barenia Flag with GHW98200MOP
Hermes Birkin 30clemence 10900USD
Constance 24Black Swift w/ GHW319000NTD
25 kellyTogo5950EUR
Bolide 315350EUR
Bolide 273850EUR
Lindy 30Swift11500SGD
35 Kelly SellierEpsom11500USD
Birkin Bag 25 cmBiloticus Himalaya (crocodile leather)32800EUR
Birkin Bag 30 cmBiloticus Himalaya (crocodile leather)38000EUR

Hermes bag price list 2015

Following are indicative prices for popular Hermes Bag like Birkin, Kelly, Lindy and Garden Party in 2015. If there are two prices for the same bag, use the higher price as prices for that item may have increased within 2015. Prices indicated below are contributed by members of the public, its purpose is to serve as a guideline only and we do not endorsed the accuracy of it.

Prices listed below are from different countries in Europe, Singapore, USA, Canada and other parts of the world. If you are like to list all the prices in Europe, just key in Euro in the Search box. Likewise if you want prices in Singapore, enter SGD.

Berline5300EURSwift dual colour
Berline4850GBPSwift dual colour
Berline Sport Mini5150EUREvercolor
Berline Sport Mini4600EURSwift dual colour
Berline Sport Mini4400EUREvercolor
Berline Sport Mini4030GBPSwift/Evercolor
Berline Sport Mini4210GBPSwift dual colour
Berline Sport Mini7150USD
Birkin 255850EURTogo
Birkin 255900EURSwift
Birkin 2532800EURNiloticus Himalaya
Birkin 259400USDClemence
Birkin 3013590AUDClemence
Birkin 3011340CADTogo
Birkin 309200CHFTogo
Birkin 306700EUREpsom
Birkin 3013000EUROstrich
Birkin 306700EUREpsom
Birkin 306750EURTogo
Birkin 306170GBPTogo
Birkin 3010900USDTogo/Clemence
Birkin 3015600USDTogo
Birkin 3514900AUDTogo
Birkin 3512435CADTogo
Birkin 359900CHFEpsom
Birkin 358600EURBlack Box Guilloche
Birkin 357400EURTogo
Birkin 358450EURClemence/Grizzly/Swift Ghilles
Birkin 358400EURGhilles Canvas/Swift
Birkin 356780GBPTogo
Birkin 3517500SGDClemence
Birkin 3511900USDFjord
Birkin 3511900USDTogo
Birkin 3513100USDBox
Birkin 4013200USDClemence
Bolide 273375EUREpsom
Bolide 276500USDEpsom
Bolide 315100EURClemence
Bolide 314760GBPClemence
Bolide Relax 354050EURSikkim
Bolide Relax 353990EURNew embossed skin
Bolide Relax 40901000JPY02/21 Bolide Paddock
Card Case750EURSwift/Evercolor
Card Case690GBPSwift/Evercolor
Constance 18cm7250USDEpsom
Constance 24cm6100GBPSwift
Double Sens 362460EURSikkim
Double Sens 362250GBPSikkim
Double Sens 455145AUDClemence
Double Sens 452550EURClemence
Double Sens 452850EURClemence
Double Sens 452380GBPClemence
Double Sens 452610GBPClemence
Double Sens 454050USDClemence
Egee Clutch3000EURSwift
Egee Clutch525000JPYTadelakt
Faco Clutch4050EURBox/Clemence/Chevre
Garden party GM size 364670AUDCountry Calfskin
Garden party GM size 362550EURNegonda
Garden party GM size 362124EURNegonda
Garden party GM size 362360EURVache Country
Garden party GM size 362160GBPVache Country
Garden party GM size 36405000JPYNegonda
Garden party GM size 36257000JPYCanvas
Garden party GM size 365400SGDNegonda
Garden party GM size 363450SGDCanvas/Negonda
Garden party GM size 362150USDCotton Linen
Garden party PM size 302250EURNegonda
Garden party PM size 302050GBPNegonda
Garden party PM size 305200SGDNegonda
Garden party PM size 303500USDVache Country
Garden Shoulder 362400USDCanvas
Hac 4013400USDTogo
Herbag zip mm1770EUR
Herbag zip mm1530EUR
Herbag zip mm1620GBP
Herbag zip pm3225AUD
Herbag zip pm1630EUR
Herbag zip pm1490GBP
Jige Clutch64000CZ KroneElan Swift
Jige Clutch2260EURElan Swift
Jige Clutch388000JPYElan Swift
Jige Clutch3780USDElan Epsom
Jige Clutch3525USDElan Swift
Jypsiere 2810785AUDClemence
Jypsiere 285450EURClemence
Jypsiere 284980GBPClemence
Jypsiere 3111870AUDClemence
Jypsiere 316000EURClemence
Jypsiere 319350USD
Jypsiere 349750USD
Kelly 2821800EURNilo croc sellier
Kelly 286450EURRetourne Togo
Kelly 285900GBPRetourne Togo
Kelly 2814900SGDRetourne Togo
Kelly 289900USDRetourne Togo
Kelly 2810400USDSellier Epsom
Kelly 3210065CADTogo
Kelly 326800EURTogo
Kelly 327700EURGhilles Swift/Togo
Kelly 3237400EURRetourne Crocodile Niloticus Himalaya
Kelly 3224200EURCroc/Swift Ghilles
Kelly 326600EURClemence
Kelly 326220GBPClemence
Kelly 3215700SGDTogo retourne
Kelly 3211800USDRetourne Ghillies Togo/Swift
Kelly 3210400USDTogo
Kelly 3211200USDEpsom Sellier
Kelly 357000EURClemence
Kelly 357650EURGrizzly/Clemence/Swift Ghilles Combo
Kelly 357450EURGrizzly/Clemence combo
Kelly 357000EURTogo
Kelly 357650EUREpsom sellier
Kelly 3510700USDTogo
Kelly 4011300EURGainé Sellier
Kelly 408200EURTogo
Kelly 408350EURTogo
Kelly Cut15900EURPorosus
Kelly Cut3610EURSwift
Kelly Pochette3450EUR
Lindy 266950USDBi-color Clemence
Lindy 309890AUDClemence
Lindy 305050EUREvercolor
Lindy 305000EURClemence
Lindy 304570GBPClemence
Lindy 3015900GBPBi-color Ostrich/Tadelakt
Lindy 304620GBPEvercolor
Lindy 30926640JPY
Lindy 3410485AUDClemence
Lindy 345300EURClemence
Lindy 344850GBPClemence
Long Wallet3985AUDEpsom
Long Wallet2200EURTogo/Mysore
Long Wallet2120EUREpsom
Long Wallet1100EURSilkCool
Long Wallet2020GBPTogo/Mysore
Long Wallet1940GBPEpsom
Long Wallet3200USDMysore
Long Wallet3100USDEpsom
Long Wallet1175USDEpsom Silk'in
Medor Clutch13200EURNilo/Lizard
Medor Clutch5380USDDoha
Medor Clutch5300USDTadelakt
Picotin GM 26cm2250EURClemence
Picotin GM 26cm3275USDClemence
Picotin MM 22cm1860EUR
Picotin PM 181710EUR
Picotin PM 182675USD
Plume 21cm3650EURSwift
Plume 21cm3340GBPSwift
Plume 32cm5600EURSwift
Plume 32cm5120GBPSwift
Plume 32cm8700USDSwift
Plume 40cm28900EURPuzzle Croc/Clemence/Box
SAC Conveyor1410000JPYBarenia
Size 296000EUR
Size 35444960JPY
Size 376400EUREvercolor
Size 375850GBPEvercolor
So Kelly7250USDTogo
SO Kelly 268000USDTogo
Toolbox 20cm30465AUDNiloticus Crocodile
Toolbox 26cm5550EURSwift
Toolbox 26cm26400EURNilo/Tadelakt/Clemence Puzzle
Toolbox 26cm5600EURSwift
Toolbox 26cm5080GBPSwift
Toolbox 26cm8650USDSwift
TPM1160EURamazone clemence
Victoria ii6530AUDClemence
Victoria ii3300EURClemence
Victoria ii3020GBPClemence
Victoria ii5150USD

Hermes bag price list 2014

Following are indicative prices for Hermes Bag in 2013. If there are two prices for the same bag, use the higher price.

Berline Mini4200EURSwift
Berline Mini6450USDSwift
Birkin 25124000HKDostrich
Birkin 2567200HKD
Birkin 3011895AUDTogo
Birkin 3010725CADTogo
Birkin 306500EURTogo
Birkin 3035600EURCroc Himalaya
Birkin 306150GBPTogo
Birkin 306050GBPEpsom
Birkin 3083100HKDTogo
Birkin 3081000HKDEpsom
Birkin 301100000JPYTogo
Birkin 301080000JPYEpsom
Birkin 3080000SGDCroc Himalaya
Birkin 3014800SGDEpsom
Birkin 3010300USDTogo
Birkin 3511220CADEpsom
Birkin 3511715CADTogo
Birkin 3533300EURAlligator mat
Birkin 357100EURTogo
Birkin 356800EUREpsom
Birkin 357100EURTogo
Birkin 356710GBPTogo
Birkin 3590800HKD
Birkin 351200000JPYTogo
Birkin 351150000JPYEpsom
Birkin 359850SFRTogo
Birkin 3515700SGDEpsom
Birkin 3510700USDEpsom Casaque ghw
Birkin 3511100USDTogo
Birkin 408050EUR
Birkin 4033300EURMatt Gator
Birkin 409450EURGhilles Swift/Canvas
Birkin 4046800USDCroc
Birkin 408200Flag
Birkin 5068000EURCroc
Bolide 2744200HKDEpsom
Bolide 314730GBPClémence
Bolide 317300USD
Bolide 355000EURClemence
Bolide Cooper 556950USDClemence
Bolide Relax 457000USDsikkam
Constance 24cm10885AUDEpsom
Constance 24cm8250CHFEpsom
Constance 24cm6150GBPSombrero
Constance 24cm9050USDEpsom
Constance Cartable11500USD
Constance Elan5110GBPEpsom
Constance Elan8677USDEpsom
Constance Long Wallet3000GBPEpsom
Constance Long Wallet4025USDEpsom
Double Sens 454050CADClemence
Double Sens 452500EURClemence
Double Sens 453250EURSikkim
Double Sens 452370GBPClemence
Double Sens 453030GBPSikkim
Evelyn iii GM2230EURClemence
Evelyn iii GM2110GBPClemence
Evelyn iii GM5100SGDClemence
Evelyn iii GM3400USDClemence
Evelyn iii PM2000EURClemence
Evelyn iii PM1960EUREpsom
Evelyn iii PM1890GBPClemence
Evelyn iii PM3050USDClemence
Faco4400EURPochette Faco II Elan Veau box/Taurillon Clem/Chevre
Faco5300EURVeau Togo
Garden Party TPM 30 cm2150EURNegonda
Garden Party TPM 30 cm26400HKDLeather
Garden Party TPM 30 cm348000JPYNegonda
Garden Party TPM 30 cm1850USDCanvas
Garden Party PM 36 cm2270EURNegonda
Garden Party PM 36 cm1330EURToile beige
Garden Party PM 36 cm1440EURToile canvas
Garden Party PM 36 cm2150GBPNegonda
Garden Party PM 36 cm27900HKDNegonda
Garden Party PM 36 cm17700HKDCanvas
Garden Party PM 36 cm368000JPYNegonda
Garden Party PM 36 cm3450USDNegonda
Garden Party PM 36 cm3450USDVache Country
Hac 408050EUR
Hac 4093500RMB
herbag zip pm2875AUD
herbag zip pm1570EUR
herbag zip pm19300HKD
herbag zip pm3600SGD
Jige clutch1680EURSwift
Jige Elan2120EUREpsom
Jypsiere 285100EUR
Jypsiere 284820GBP
Jypsiere 287750USD
Jypsiere 3110500AUD
Jypsiere 349100USD
Jypsiere 379750USD
Kelly 2811070AUDTogo
Kelly 286400EURGrain d'h
Kelly 286050GBPEpsom sellier
Kelly 2877400HKD
Kelly 28980000JPYTogo
Kelly 281092000JPYEpsom Sellier
Kelly 289000USDClemence
Kelly 329300CADTogo
Kelly 326200EURTogo
Kelly 326800EURGhillies
Kelly 325860GBPClemence
Kelly 3279300HKD
Kelly 328600SFRClemence Retourne
Kelly 329250USDClemence
Kelly 3210200USDEpsom sellier
Kelly 329250USDTogo Retourné
Kelly 3210100USDGhillies Grain d'H/swift
Kelly 356300EURTogo
Kelly 356350EURClemence ret. Amazone
Kelly 356950EUREpsom Sellier
Kelly 356900EURGrain D'H/ Swift Ghilles
Kelly 356010GBPTogo
Kelly 358800SFRTogo Retourne
Kelly 359450USDTogo Retourne
Kelly 408200EURClemence
Kelly cut3300EUREspom
Kelly cut42200HKDEspom
Kelly cut4900USDveau epsom
Kelly Longue Wallet2150EUREpsom
Kelly Longue Wallet2250EURChevre
Kelly Longue Wallet3100SFRChevre
Kelly Longue Wallet3500USDChevre
Kelly pochette10200EURAlligator lisse
Kelly pochette10200EURgator matte
Kelly pochette3700EURBlack Box Guilloche
Kelly pochette3250EUREpsom
Kelly pochette40900HKDGrain d'H/ swift
Lindy 264300EURClemence
Lindy 2652800HKDClemence
Lindy 307780CADClemence
Lindy 304800EURClemence
Lindy 304800EURClemence
Lindy 304590GBPClemence
Lindy 3058900HKDClemence
Lindy 30778000JPYClemence
Lindy 307300USDClemence
Lindy 308100USDClemence
Lindy 307906USDClemence
Lindy 348265CADClémence
Lindy 345100EURClémence
Lindy 344820GBPClémence
Lindy 3463200HKD
Lindy 347750USDClémence
Medor clutch3250EURTadelakt
Passe passe Tote GM2550EURCanvas
Passe passe Tote MM2350EURCanvas
Picotin GM3500CADClemence
Picotin MM2575USD
Picotin PM2675CADClemence
Picotin PM1650EURClemence
Picotin PM2500USDClemence
Picotin TPM1560GBPClemence
Picotin TPM2500USDClemence
Plume 20cm5100USDSwift
Roulis4550EURGrain d'h
Roulis4300GBPGrain d'h
Roulis7450USDButler leather
Sac Convoyeur12000USDBarenia
Sac Etribelt5300EURTogo
So Kelly 22cm7050CADTogo
So Kelly 22cm4250EURTogo
So Kelly 26cm7780CADTogo
So Kelly 26cm4600EURTogo
So Kelly 26cm119000RMBOstrich/Canvas Combo
Toolbox 20cm4600EUREvercolor
Toolbox 20cm782250JPYEvercolor
Toolbox 20cm7000USDSwift
Toolbox 26cm5200EURSwift
Toolbox 26cm7800USDSwift
Toolbox 33cm6700EURSwift
Victoria ii: 35 cm3150EURClémence

Hermes bag price list 2013

Following are indicative prices for Hermes Bag in 2013. If there are two prices for the same bag, use the higher price.

Picotin pm2375USDClémence
Picotin pm16500SEKClémence
Picotin pm2460CADClémence
Picotin L 26cm21000HKDClemence
Double Sens 36cm2260EURClémence
Lindy 345180EURClémence
Lindy 348470AUDClémence
Lindy 344420GBPClémence
Lindy 347465CADClémence

Hermes bag price list 2012

Following are indicative prices for Hermes Bag in 2011. If there are two prices for the same bag, use the higher price.

Birkin 258500EUROmbre Lizard
Birkin 3030800EURCroc Himalaya
Birkin 305950EURTogo
Birkin 305660GBPbirkin togo
Birkin 30150000GBPbarenia croc diamonds
Birkin 301039500JPYTogo/Clemence
Birkin 3061000SEKTogo
Birkin 308600USDEpsom
Birkin 3010200USDbirkin club
Birkin 3010100USDbirkin chevre
Birkin 309450USDClemence
Birkin 3010300USDBox
Birkin 3536500AEDTogo/clem
Birkin 3511500AUDTaurillon clemence
Birkin 357100EURbirkin club
Birkin 356500EURbirkin togo
Birkin 356950EURbirkin box
Birkin 356500EURbirkin togo
Birkin 3531200EURbirkin porosus
Birkin 356500EURClemnc
Birkin 357800EURGhilles Fauve Veau
Birkin 356180GBPbirkin togo
Birkin 356180GBPclemence
Birkin 3584200HKDbirkin togo
Birkin 3592000HKDclub
Birkin 3584500HKDbirkin clemence
Birkin 3584200HKDtaurillon Clemence
Birkin 35100913000IDRClemnc
Birkin 351060000JPYTogo
Birkin 35150000MYRCroc
Birkin 359550SFRbirkin togo
Birkin 359550SFRbirkin clemence
Birkin 3514900SGDTogo/clem
Birkin 359550USDbirkin togo
Birkin 3510300USDbirkin togo
Birkin 3510300USDClem
Birkin 3510400USDTogo bi-color
Birkin 3512000USDGhillies
Birkin 3511200USDTogo
Birkin 356500Togo
Birkin 4010750CADbirkin togo
Birkin 407500EURbirkin box
Birkin 4097300HKDbirkin barenia
Birkin 4092300HKDbirkin togo
Bolide 31664000JPYClemence
Bolide 3110400SGD
Bolide 317150USD
Bolide 376975CADClemence
Bolide 376800USDClemence
Bolide Relax 35407000JPYSwift
Cabag Elan960EUR
Cabag Elan4900RM
Catenina5850USDSilk version
CDC bracelet1350AUDSwift
CDC bracelet4210AUDSilver
CDC bracelet870EUREpsom
CDC bracelet2650EURSilver
CDC bracelet3025USDAll silver
CDC bracelet1150USDEpsom
CDC bracelet1950USDAlligator
CDC bracelet3525USDSilver
Constance 18cm4040GBPSwift
Constance 18cm51600HKDEpsom
Constance 18cm54100HKDSwift
Constance 18cm5950USDEpsom with regular HW
Constance 18cm6400USDEpsom
Constance 24cm6200CHFswift with regular HW
Constance 24cm15500GBPGator ghw
Constance 24cm300000TWDswift with enamel HW
Constance 24cm9150USDSwift with enamel HW
Constance 24cm8550USDEpsom
Constance 24cm9800USDswift with enamel HW
Constance Elan8565AUDEpsom with regular HW
Constance Elan7700CADEpsom PHW
Constance Elan243500TWDEpsom with PHW
Constance Elan8650USDBox with PHW
Constance Elan7750USDEpsom
Constance Long Wallet4695AUDEpsom
Constance Long Wallet2750EUREpsom
Constance Long Wallet2810GBPTadelakt
Dogon Combined wallet1970AUDTogo
Double Sens 36cm4160AUD
Double Sens 36cm3600USDSikkim
Double Sens 45 cm2300EUR
Double Sens 45 cm38300HKD
Double Sens 45 cm3650USD
Double Sens 45 cm3650USDClemence
Evelyne II GM3000USDClemence
Evelyne III GM11700RMClemence
Evelyne III PM3130AUD
Evelyne III PM1760EUR
Evelyne III PM1680GBP
Evelyne III PM2800USDClemence
Garden Party3410AUD30 cm
Garden Party2105AUD36 cm canvas
Garden Party2825CADTPM
Garden Party2060EUR36 cm
Garden Party23800HKD36 mm
Garden Party4350SGD30 cm
Garden Party2950SGD36 cm canvas
Garden Party2700USD36 mm
Garden Party3275USD36 cm
Garden Party3075USDTPM negonda
Garden Party2625USDMM fjord & toile
Herbag Zip GM2450USD
Herbag Zip PM2800AUD
Jige clutch1960EURJige Elan swift
Jige clutch35500HKDJige Elan Satin + Lizard
Jypsiere 287820AUD
Jypsiere 284600EURClemence
Jypsiere 284380GBP
Jypsiere 286550USDClemence
Jypsiere 287300USD
Jypsiere 348650USDclemence
Jypsiere 379200USDclemence
Kelly 258250EURLizard
Kelly 289125AUDBox retourne
Kelly 284900EURSwift retourne
Kelly 3268000HKDClemence retourne
Kelly 328500USDSwift Retourne
Kelly 328300USDTogo Retourne
Kelly 324650Togo Retourne
Kelly 355400EURTogo Retourne
Kelly 358550USDTogo Retourne
Kelly 406900EURclemence
Kelly 406700EURepsom
Kelly Danse3925USD
Kelly Dog Bracelet350GBP
Kelly Dog Bracelet490USDLeather
Kelly Dog Bracelet1050USDAlligator
Kelly Double Tour Bracelet550AUDswift
Kelly Double Tour Bracelet345EURswift
Kelly Double Tour Bracelet345EURswift
Kelly Double Tour Bracelet320GBPswift
Kelly Double Tour Bracelet475USDregular leather
Kelly Double Tour Bracelet455USDswift
Kelly Lakis 3212200USD
Kelly Longue wallet3280AUDEpsom
Kelly Longue wallet2950USDchevre
Kelly Medium wallet4150SGD
Kelly Pochette3000EUR
Kelly Pochette33600HKD
Kelly Pochette4300USDSwift
Kelly Pochette4675USDSwift
Lindy 307170AUDClemence
Lindy 306250CADClemence (éclat)
Lindy 305875CADClemence
Lindy 304250EURClemence (éclat)
Lindy 304040GBPClemence
Lindy 3047800HKDSwift
Lindy 30335000PHPTogo
Lindy 30211200TWDClemence
Lindy 306750USDClemence
Lindy 346825CADClemence (Eclat)
Lindy 346250CADClemence
Lindy 346500USDClemence (Lindy eclat)
Lindy 347200USDTogo Café
Marwari PM2270EURClemence
Marwari PM2160GBP
Marwari PM3600USDClemence
Medor clutch5120AUDBox leather
Medor clutch2760GBPtadelakt
Mini Bolide4500CADSwift
Picotin MM1650EUR
Picotin MM21000HKD
Picotin MM8700RM
Picotin MM2625USDClemence
Picotin PM1430GBP
Picotin PM7900RM
Picotin PM3450SGD
Picotin PM2325USD
Rivale Bracelet421EURswift
Rivale Bracelet560USDleather
Shoulder Atlas3800EURTogo
Steeple Tote3275USDcanvas
Toolbox 20cm6400USD
Toolbox 26cm30000QRSbi color
Toolbox 33cm9525CAD
Toolbox 33cm5850EURSwift
Victoria Elan 384050USD
Victoria II2900EURClemence
Victoria II2760GBP

Hermes bag price list 2011

Following are indicative prices for Hermes Bag in 2011. If there are two prices for the same bag, use the higher price.

Birkin 254400EURTogo
Birkin 2517700EURCroc
Birkin 2568400HKDTogo
Birkin 251280000JPYLizard
Birkin 25833000JPYswift
Birkin 251380000JPYOstrich
Birkin 2510900SGDTogo
Birkin 2518000SGDLizard
Birkin 257050USDEpsom
Birkin 2527700USDnilo croc
Birkin 2533500USDporo shiny croc
Birkin 3012290AUDclemence
Birkin 305400EURTogo
Birkin 305450EURTogo
Birkin 305400EURclemence
Birkin 3019800EURshiny nilo
Birkin 3026600EURshiny croc
Birkin 3010900EUROstrich
Birkin 305300EURepsom
Birkin 305450EURswift
Birkin 305800EURchevre
Birkin 305030GBPTogo
Birkin 305070GBPbox
Birkin 304930GBPepsom
Birkin 3068400HKDTogo
Birkin 30990000JPYclemence
Birkin 3013300SGDTogo
Birkin 3026700SGDOstrich
Birkin 3013300SGDfjord
Birkin 30311300THBswift-toile
Birkin 30286000TWDepsom
Birkin 30313100TWDchevre
Birkin 308650USDTogo
Birkin 308600USDTogo
Birkin 308650USDclemence
Birkin 308350USDbox
Birkin 308750USDbox
Birkin 3017100USDOstrich
Birkin 308450USDepsom
Birkin 3032200USDmatte nilo
Birkin 3037300USDshiny poro
Birkin 3033335USDporo
Birkin 309350USDbarenia
Birkin 3514000AUDTogo
Birkin 3513425AUDclemence
Birkin 359975CDNTogo
Birkin 359975CDNclemence
Birkin 355900EURTogo
Birkin 355900EURclemence
Birkin 3527800EURmatte croc
Birkin 3528000EURporo croc
Birkin 355650EURepsom
Birkin 355950EURbox
Birkin 355900EURfjord
Birkin 355900EURfjord
Birkin 356350EURbarenia
Birkin 355490GBPTogo
Birkin 355500GBPSwift
Birkin 3571400HKDTogo
Birkin 3574800HKDTogo
Birkin 3577450RMBclemence
Birkin 3514600SGDTogo
Birkin 359350USDTogo
Birkin 359450USDSwift
Birkin 3541800USDshiny poro croc
Birkin 3538200USDmatte alligator
Birkin 359350USDclemence birkin
Birkin 4010750CADclemence
Birkin 406400EURclemence
Birkin 406450EURtogo
Birkin 4082400HKDclemence
Birkin 4084000RMBclemence
Birkin 4015900SGDtogo
Birkin 4010300USDtogo
birkin shadow clutch4125USD
Bolide 314100EURclemence
Bolide 316450USDclemence
Bolide 376550USDclemence
Bolide 376550USDfjord
Constance 18cm3800EURbox
Constance 18cm7050USDepsom
Constance 18cm20000USDcroc
Constance 18cm5800USDepsom
Constance elan7600USDepsom
Constance elan24000USDcroc
Dogon1030EURGold togo
Double Sens3650USD
HAC 4057000DKKEpsom
HAC 406450EURTogo
Jige Clutch1790EURtadelakt elan
Jige Clutch2020EURepsom elan gm
Jige Clutch1450EURcognac box pm
Jige Clutch2375USDswift/toile GM
Jige Clutch2775tadelakt e/w pm
Jige Clutch1575toile/leather pm
Jypsiere 287950CDNclemence
Jypsiere 284000EURclemence
Jypsiere 284000EURclemence
Jypsiere 286500USDclemence
Jypsiere 347600USDclemence
Jypsiere 375000EURclemence
Kelly 256250USDSellier swift
Kelly 256500USDretourne epsom
Kelly 2810850AUDretourne togo
Kelly 284500EURretourne epsom
Kelly 284650EURretourne togo
Kelly 284750EURretourne swift
Kelly 289460GBPSellier ostrich
Kelly 284930GBPSellier Box
Kelly 28242800NTDretourne epsom
Kelly 2813100SGDsellier box
Kelly 287600USDsellier epsom
Kelly 287900USDretourne chevre mangalore
Kelly 324750EURtogo retourne
Kelly 324550EURepsom retourne
Kelly 324750EURClemence Retourne Amazone
Kelly 325550EURBox Sellier
Kelly 324420GBPTogo
Kelly 3234450MYRchevre de coromandel sellier
Kelly 3229700MYRtogo retourne
Kelly 328000USDchevre mangalore retourne
Kelly 327600USDtogo retourne
Kelly 328900USDBox Sellier
Kelly 327750USDswift
Kelly 328600USDSO BLACK Box Retourne
Kelly 328300USDEPSOM Sellier
Kelly 354950EURretourne box
Kelly 354900EURretourne clemence
Kelly 355300EURsellier epsom
Kelly 3516190GBPRetourne matt alligator
Kelly 3562100HKDretourne togo
Kelly 357900USDretourne swift
Kelly 358200USDretourne box
Kelly 357850USDretourne clemence
Kelly 357600USDretourne swift toile
Kelly 357650USDretourne togo
Kelly 3511700USDlakis evergrain all leather
Kelly 408150EURevergrain kelly lakis all leather paris
Kelly 406850EURClemence
Kelly 405820GBPRetourne Clemence
Kelly 4010000USDRetourne clemence
Kelly 4010100USDretourne swift
Kelly 4010000USDRetourne Togo
kelly danse3000EURSwift
Kelly flat/jpg5800EURFlat
Kelly pochette2650EURcut tadelakt
Kelly pochette2750EURcut box
Kelly pochette2890EURkelly pochette
Kelly pochette7750EURKelly pochette shiny alligator
Kelly pochette7500EURpochette matte nilo
Kelly pochette2850EURpochette evercalf
Kelly pochette1870EURwallet long chevre mysore
Kelly pochette9700GBPcut croc
Kelly pochette2560GBPcut box
Kelly pochette2650GBPpochette swift
Kelly pochette4700GBPpochette Ostrich
Kelly pochette6800SGDcut tadelakt
Kelly pochette4500SGDwallet long box
Kelly pochette16300SGDwallet long croc
Kelly pochette8000SGDwallet long lizard
Kelly pochette4375USDcut swift
Kelly pochette4375USDcut tadelakt
Kelly pochette4075USDpochette box
Kelly pochette4375USDpochette swift
Kelly pochette4600USDpochette SO Black box
Kelly pochette9300USDKelly Longue wallet alligator
Kelly pochette4950USDwallet long lizard
Lindy 265250USDClemence
Lindy 308305AUDclemence
Lindy 303650EURclemence
Lindy 303400GBP
Lindy 3046500HKD
Lindy 3039900SGDnilo
Lindy 305600USDclemence
Lindy 305850USDswift
Lindy 305800USDclemence
Lindy 348990AUDclemence
Lindy 343950EUR
Lindy 344000EUR(swift leather)
Lindy 343820GBP
Lindy 3450450HKD
Lindy 349800SGD
Lindy 346100USD
Lindy 346250USDclemence
massai cut 325700SGDSwift/evergrain
massai cut 323750USDSwift/evergrain
massai cut 402700EURevergrain
massai cut 406700SGDSwift/evergrain
Medor clutch3000EURtadelakt 29cm
Medor clutch7400SGDtadelakt 29cm
Medor clutch142000TWDtadelkat 23cm
Shadow Birkin 406890GBP
Shadow Birkin 4010800USD
Shoulder Atlas7900SGDClemence/Canvas
shoulder birkin ii15265AUD
shoulder birkin ii6700EUR
shoulder birkin ii1320000JPYclemence
shoulder birkin ii16600SGD
shoulder birkin ii10700USD
shoulder kelly12855AUDno fringe clemence
shoulder kelly13425AUDwith fringe clemence
shoulder kelly5900EURwith fringe
shoulder kelly14000SGDNo fringe
shoulder kelly14600SGDwith fringe clemence
so kelly 225500USD
so kelly 266875CDN
so kelly 263900EUR
so kelly 263650GBP
so kelly 269500SGD
so kelly 266050USD
Super Mini Birkin34800RMBEpsom
Toolbox 20cm3800EURSwift
Toolbox 20cm208000TWDSwift
Toolbox 20cm5100USDSwift
Toolbox 20cm6050USDSwift
Toolbox 26cm4300EURSwift
Toolbox 26cm6800USDSwift